Handcrafted by the ocean in California

We at Linné & Raven Bathery are excited to share our passion for beautiful, heavenly scented soaps made with love. We are based in the Half Moon Bay area in California, nestled in the trees between the mountains and the ocean. Whenever possible, we use organic, locally sourced, wild harvested ingredients. Our cold process soaps are made in small batches and the recipe is a base of olive and coconut oil, scented with essential oils and botanicals.

Linné & Raven is a name which honors the art and beauty of nature. Linné is in homage to Carl Von Linné, a botanist, and also a play on Lena’s name. Raven is our daughter’s middle name and what we’ve called her since she was a tiny little bean in Lena’s belly.

A little bit of history – Alex has been making soaps since before 1998. As a vegan (now pescatarian), he found it difficult to find soaps that were in line with his beliefs – products that were vegan, cruelty-free, and free of harsh chemicals. He started making his own soaps, giving them to friends as gifts.

Lena was introduced to the art of soap making in 2012, when Alex and Lena made soaps as favors for their wedding. Since that first batch, Lena has made countless batches and experimented with many different ingredients and recipes to be able to proudly share our selections today.

Over the years, we’ve given soaps as gifts, and have been asked repeatedly if we sell them. It seemed natural to offer our favorites to people who were interested. In the early days, we were called ClassicKeller and we focused only soaps. We continue to slowly add bathery items we believe in – milk baths, salt scrubs, bath bombs, and perfume oils. With the birth of our daughter Raven, and her genuine joy in helping – from collecting wild flowers and herbs, to wrapping soaps in pretty papers – we updated our name to reflect our vision for where this endeavor will take us in the future of such tiny hands.

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